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Design + Human Factors

It’s our passion to place the users and their needs at the center of our thoughts. We observe patients, nurses, doctors, and hospital bio technicians in environments ranging from hospital settings, operating rooms, doctors’ offices, homes, and even clinics in third world countries.

Exploring Usability

We know how to synchronize these different needs, including technical and business objectives, into a design and human experience that is appropriate, safe, and effective for all of the different users of a product or service.

Creative Muscle

Innovation is solving problems of usability, human factors, and business and rolling them into a design that functions, meets cost and supply objectives, and is aesthetically appropriate.

  • Industrial Design
  • Human Factors Design
  • Human Factors Testing
  • Human Factors Workflow
  • GUI Workflows
  • GUI Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Concept Testing
  • Packaging Development
  • Medical Device Labeling
  • Instructions for Use
  • Instructional Videos

Informed Design

Great design happens with a fully informed arsenal of thoughts. Our researchers, designers and human factors experts work to understand the full breadth of an issue and design accordingly.

Medical Device GUI Design

Connected medical devices are more and more the norm. Whether using an app or GUI interface directly to a hospital EMR, we can design, engineer, and document it.

On-Site Human Factors Lab

We don’t just talk human factors, we invest in it. We built an on-site human factors lab where we conduct our formative and summative research studies.


Exploring Usability

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Want a successful product?

Involve Human Factors Early

Have a working prototype built as a technology proof of concept? We commonly wrap great technology into usable, friendly designs focused on great human experiences.