We are a startup. Blur evolved from an ophthalmology medical device start-up in the Research Triangle Park. We’ve lived through two successful acquisitions and we understand the hustle and mentality needed for success.

We partner with startups, doctors, inventors, and universities to design and develop their medical technologies, helping to bring successful products to market.

Realistic Goals

We have the in-house expertise to complete and manage all aspects of a medical device start-up. From design and engineering through manufacturing, clients leverage our internal systems and knowledge to help achieve their goals.

Leverage Our Experience

We understand building medical devices and we understand building companies. There are tough decisions to make. You need a quality system, product strategy, great engineering, a smart regulatory path, and manufacture leverage. All within a fixed budget. We get it.

  • Early IP analysis
  • Product strategy
  • Product concepts
  • COGS estimates
  • Business planning
  • Development planning
  • Technology assessments
  • ISO 13485 Quality System development
  • Prototyping
  • Investor strategy and Angel opportunities
  • On-site workspaces
  • Government grant support

Acquisition Experience

We’ve gone through two major acquisitions. We know how to prepare for technical diligence, we are used to being scrutinized, and we’ve developed our internal systems to be adaptable and acquirable.

Adaptable Quality System

We have a great ISO 13485 quality system, developed and used by our team. Our start-up clients can adapt that quality system as their own. It’ll be a seamless and efficient quality pathway through development into manufacturing and beyond.


Whether it’s raising capital, writing grant applications, or demonstrating that you have a capable team on board for investors, we have you covered. We are battle-tested and ready.


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Incubating a Company is Tough

Starting a medical device company is not for the faint of heart. With Blur’s talented team in your corner we will confidently tackle challenges as they arise.