Vapor Flame VF6

Client: Vapor Flame

Project: VF6

Services: Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Firmware, Prototyping

Flame, No Fire

Vapor Flame is a safe, realistic flame effect created by water and compressed air. It is safe to the touch and uses an ultra-fine vapor which does not collect on surrounding surfaces. No other fluids, fuels, heat or flammable materials are used.


Mechanical Engineering

We combined our expertise in fluids and optics to design a system capable of producing a flame effect at a height of 10+ feet.  The effect can be in multiple colors and even change color within the same system.  Considering all the LEDs to achieve this, heat management had to be considered, so we designed in the heat sinks and used metal core PCBs to keep temperatures down.

metal core PCBs and led assembly


Electrical Engineering and Firmware

We designed the custom, high powered electronics to create light and the firmware to drive the system, all while conforming to lighting standard IEC 60598-1.

Our firmware incorporated a DMX interface to accept lighting commands from industry standard control equipment so the device could be controlled through equipment by sound and lighting technicians.  We even had the Vapor Flame choreographed to one of our favorite tunes, “Eye of the Tiger”.



We prototyped the system in Nathan’s father’s garage, during the early days of Blur.  Luckily his father had a full woodworking shop and a compressor available to drive the system.